We manufacture a full line of LED Neon Beer and Hospitality Accent Lighting in both water resistant and non water resistant for all your traditional neon replacement needs. LED Neon include: All permanent POS Marketing Materials, Display Cases, Signage, Interior/exterior POS Design Applications, backlighting signs, accent lighting signs, undercabinet lighting and any other lighting projects. Available LED Neon custom designs of single colors as well as RGB which can produce over 16 Million color Hues.

The amazing RGB (full color) LED Neon's have all controls contained inside the product so they are ready to use as soon as you plug it in. .

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Traditional Neon Alternative

The LED Substitute for NEON Lighting has arrived. Over 12 Years of research and development has led to a product that has virtually limitless applications.

  • The LED Flex Product is Suitable for Wet Locations.
  • LED Flex Tube lighting can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Its lifespan is double of other LED bulbs at 100,000 hours!
  • It's durability and low voltage operation allow it safe to touch.
  • Flexible, easy to ben, easy to install and maintain.

LED Flex product looks exactly like traditional NEON, but it is so versatile, the possibilities are endless. Architectural Borders, pathway lighting, cove lighting, and Signage just to name a few. In this innovation, they have incorporated light emitting diode (LED) technology into flexible and durable package that has the appearance and brightness of traditional neon. The uniform and super bright light output is achieved through a proprietary optical maximization technique which is completely sealed and impervious to shock and vibration.

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  • LED Flex Tube Colors

    Color Options: LED Flex Neon

    LED Flex Tube Neon Lighting colors: RED, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Warm White, Pink, and RGB. Long life span: 100,000 Hours Energy Saving: 4-6 Watts per Meter Extremely bright LED and continuously color linear effect. Low Voltage Operation, safe to touch. Flexible, easy to bend, easy to install and maintain.

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  • LED Neon Permanent POS Sign

    0% Glass Break proof: LED Neon Signs can Withstand Falls of 6ft and still work like new.

    The LED Neon is patented by a company in Holland and their product will become the new standard for traditional neon indoor signs in the future based on the company's innovation and quality.

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